Independent music publisher, rights management and synch placement agency.


Synch Pitching & Placement

Writing Camps / Co-Writes

Song Plugging

Motor Scout Music's team has ten years of experience placing music in film, television, ad campaigns, video game frachises and web-based productions. Our network of music supervisors, editors, creative directors, and consultants trust us and our abilities.
We believe in the creative energy ignited when people get together and share their talents. That's why Motor Scout Music believes in promoting co-writing sessions between our clients and our friends at the labels and publishing houses.
Let our song plugging team work with you to find a home for your new  production. We'll work your songs to specific artists in order to place your works on their newest label release.

Royalty Collection & Tracking

Global Performance Tracking

Streaming Rights

With so many digital storefronts today it's impossible for an artist or songwriter to police all of the compilation, cover and karaoke versions of their music and still have time to create. Let us handle the scouting, licensing, collection and income tracking of your creative content.
Not registered with an American performance rights organization? Let us walk you through each step of the affiliation process. We'll ensure that your works are registered correctly and quickly to safeguard any public broadcast or airplay is being tracked and monetized. In addition, our global affiliates will ensure that your works are being collected in foreign territories.
Streaming rights are not created equal. Our team of licensors are well versed when it comes to tagging your creative capital and ensuring your rights are protected and collected. We cover YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, SoundExchange, all of the internet based radio formats and stations, as well as Neighbouring Rights in foreign territories.